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The number 1 sign your dream was a visit from the Spirit world

“Your dreams are the most common way your loved ones will visit from the Spirit world

With over 20years of experience as a medium one of the more common experiences people share with me about their loved ones in the Spirit world is the dream visitation.

Here I share with you the tell tales signs that say your dream visit from your loved one was real.

We’ll discuss:

just how common it is
how to tell the difference between a real visit and that of your grief processing
how Spirit wants you to pass on the message
and you’ll learn to know you can ask for a dream.

I want to hear your story 

I invite you to share your loved one dream visit with me in the comments below.

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with love & gratitude,

Hi, I’m Kerrie Wearing and I am a Spiritual Leader and mentor in Feminine Spirit Mediumship.

Do you want the raw and real bio where I tell you I’m just an everyday person like you who happens to have manifested the ability to communicate with Spirit and live life with the love of Spirit, the creativity of Shamanism and the awareness of a Spiritual leader or if you prefer the bio my business coach prefers then, as a Spiritual leader with over 20years of experience, I support women to embody their feminine spirit to expand their conscious connection with the Universe, so they can do life with confidence, purpose and in the Spirit of who they truly are – a Creative Heart Feminine Spirit.

LOL – just keeping it real!

More about Kerrie…

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