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Are you an Empath?

Confirming your Empath is Step 1 in Empowering yourself with this aspect of who you are.


Receive your results along with a bonus video of tips and understanding the role the law of attraction plays in your Empath Sensitivities


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You are a nurturing, helpful and giving person. Often at risk of giving too much.

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Do you dislike being in large crowds?

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You can find yourself experiencing restlessness from within, feeling lost and unfulfilled every now and then?

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Overwhelm, fear, doubt and anxiety can all too easily be the friends you walk with everyday?

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Do you have a tendency towards the healing modalities? eg, Nursing, Carer, Reiki and Healing

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Do you find yourself easily connecting with the pain of others, be it physical, emotional or mental?

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Do you prefer to avoid violence and the drama of TV and real life?

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Does it feel like you are physically hurt when someone yells at you?

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Do you often feel the world is too noisy?

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Are you susceptible to clairvoyant visions?

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Do you experience unexplained mood swings?

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Do you feel you are sensitive to energy of environments?

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The need for alone time is important to you

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