Module 2 – Lesson 2: Are you seeing the signs?


Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Gain a deeper appreciation for the signs the Universe sends you.


Why you need to do it:

This is the first level of communication from Spirit and learning this will allow you to see the support and the direction Spirit is guiding you on.


What you actually need to do:

How to step through this lesson

Step 1. Watch the video above

Step 2. Take your journal and dialogue any thoughts that come to mind for you on this topic and begin building your vocabulary of meaning.

Step 3. Download the ready reference sheet

Step 4. Share your daily activation experiences in the FB group.


Do tell us about the most recent sign you received from Spirit.

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  1. 01051965

    The boldest sign I have received from Spirit recently was a couple months ago, I had become very sick, and we were living in our caravan at the time. On this day, awaiting my Dr appointment, I was laying on my bed crying, I was so unwell.
    I got up off the bed and went to the kitchen sink for a drink of water. As I looked up and straight through the window in front of me I saw 2 tiny sun birds sitting on a shrub, calling out between them. They were quite close. Then in an instant they flew up onto the fly screen in front of me, still tweeting away and only the width of the little kitchen sink away from me. I stood very still and smiled between my tears because I knew without any doubt they were there to make me feel better, it was a sign from Spirit. I softly replied “thank you” many times. I will never forget this particular experience.


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