Module 1 – Lesson 2: The Divine Feminine and Masculine energies of the soul


Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Let’s delve a little more into how the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies reside within the soul


Why you need to do it:

Creating a balance between these two aspects of the soul will create a sense of harmony within your soul and increase your capacity for success with your manifesting abilities.


What you actually need to do:

How to step through this lesson

Step 1. Watch the video above

Step 2. Download the audio and do the Meet your Feminine Spirit meditation

Step 3. Head over the FB group and share your experience

Step 4. For even great self awareness download the Divine Feminine and Masculine personality profile ready reference sheet and use the checklist to see how all this operates for you right now.


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  1. ginny

    Hi Kerrie this sounds amazing and I’m ready to get into it. I can’t find the link to download the audio. Could you let me know where it is? Thanks so much x virginia

    • Kerrie

      Hi Virginia, from the menu to the right of the video click “Lesson Downloads” and you will find the meditation and worksheet links there.

      • ginny

        Thanks so much kerrie

  2. Tracey Swainson

    Hi Kerrie, in clicking on the DFDM Checklist and Reference Sheet, I’m taken to a page that says “Forbidden, you don’t have access to this page.” Are these meant to be a part of this module, just wondering if there’s a break in the link somewhere?

    • Kerrie

      Yep, your right. There is a tech issue which I have had to log a support call for. I’ll let you know once its been rectified. Thanks


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